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Holidays & Special Days

Friends Outside hold Easter Picnic
Friends Outside, a Special Works ministry of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in <st1:placename w:st="on">Orange County, held its annual Easter Picnic for children and families of the incarcerated on Saturday, April 12, 2003 read more ...

Project Angel Tree

Project Angel Tree is a program that offers Christmas gifts to needy children of inmates who are incarcerated over the holidays.

 read more ...

Jouni's Cafe & Society of St. Vincent de Paul St. Joseph Conference in Pomona
Upland restaurateur Jacob Jouni of Joune's Café and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul St. Joseph Conference, part of the Council of Los Angeles, joined forces to help serve more than 700 Thanksgiving Day meals at St. Joseph Church in Pomona at their fourth annual community Thanksgiving Day meal. read more ...

Holiday House Calls

The St. Vincent de Paul Society of  San Mateo County visits families during the holidays to deliver food and gifts.  With 800 active volunteers already, this nonprofit organization assigns "house calls" based on neighbor-to-neighbor service.

 read more ...

EASTER BONNETS & BASKETS - Council of Santa Clara County
Who remembers the poor at Easter, as we celebrate the resurrection of new life? What salvation comes this spring, for those who struggled this winter? Volunteers and donations were abundant at Christmas, but are scarce at Easter. Easter Bonnets & Baskets serves client families referred by Emergency Services, Conferences and associated agencies, with new clothing outfits and baskets of candy, eggs, and dental products. We serve 700 children and their parents at four sites. Donations include new Easter outfits (children sizes 8-16 most needed), basket-fillers (candy, dental products, children’s prayer books or Bibles). Monetary donations are most welcomed to purchase needed items. For more information contact Michael Fallon at: 408-298-7290 or [email protected]  

Oakland CA 'Fair' gives homeless free massages, etc.
Will Rice enjoyed the first massage of his life today. It wasn't a fancy spa, but the more pedestrian St. Vincent de Paul Community Center on San Pablo Avenue in Oakland, where Rice and scores of other homeless men and women got some help at "Project Homeless Connect," a one-stop "fair" providing 42 services ranging from massages to dental care to drug- and alcohol-addiction programs.

There was a table for the folks from Alcoholics Anonymous, another where people could sign up for food stamps and another where homeless veterans could find a helping hand. There also was a walk-up version of Alameda County's innovative Homeless/Caring Court in which Superior Court Judge Gordon Baranco helped people clear their criminal records of minor offenses.

The idea is to help cut through the red tape that often overwhelms many of the 3,500 homeless people in Oakland, which has the largest population of homeless people in the East Bay. The city, taking a page from San Francisco's playbook, plans to hold them twice a year.

And though officials don't expect to solve homelessness overnight, they hope the fairs will get people into the network of programs and off the streets. To spread the word about the fair, outreach workers passed out flyers.

Philip Arca, executive director of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, guessed that the fair would help about 300 people by the end of the day. St. Vincent de Paul seemed a natural place to host the fair, as it's well known for offering the homeless a free lunch seven days a week.

And such programs are generally respected by the homeless. Camile Choyce, 25, said a program much like St. Vincent de Paul turned her life around almost three years ago. 


Giveaway Day in Omaha
On April 1, 2006, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Omaha hosted its first “Giveaway Day” at the St. Richard Church Hall. Several truckloads of donated goods were transported to the location from our Leavenworth Street warehouse, and those in need were able to choose from a large assortment of household items, including dishes, pots and pans, linens, toys, and furniture. All items were free. To make the event accessible to as many as practical, pre-registration was not required. An estimated 600 persons benefited from the event; over $13,000 worth of merchandise was distributed in ninety minutes. We have hosted two more, equally successful Giveaway Days since. Another is planned for the end of September. Events are staffed by Vincentian volunteers.
-- Diane Sim, Executive Director, Council of Omaha

Cleveland's Family Fun Day
It's baseball time again, and the Cleveland District Council is getting ready for its Third Annual St. Vincent de Paul Family Fun Day at Jacobs Field, where hometown favorite the Indians will play the Detroit Tigers. read more ...

L.A. Council Celebrates 100th Anniversary
To commemorate its 100th Anniversary of improving the quality of life for the local disadvantaged and homeless, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles will hold a special Gala, honoring L.A. Dodger broadcaster and former major leaguer Rick Monday and Academy Award-winning actor Louis Gossett Jr. on Saturday, February 16, 2008 at the Jonathan Club in downtown L.A read more ...