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Filling Prescriptions for the Need
Since 1999, nearly $500,000 has been collected for the St. Vincent de Paul Pharmacy in Baton Rouge through its “Fill a Prescription for the Needy” program.  

Haircut Marathon
Homeless and near-homeless people can get free haircuts, flu shots, and meals. The Continuum of Life Care Center, the Belleville, Illinois Council of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and Palace Barbershop will sponsor a "cut-athon" for local homeless and near-homeless people in East St. Louis. Individuals will receive free haircuts from Palace Barbershop, free flu shots donated by area hospitals, and meals from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.  

Free Pharmacy in Cincinnati
A pharmacy that provides free or low-cost prescriptions for poor people in Cincinnati has seen substantial growth in its first year read more ...

Coroner Recycles Unused Drugs
A coroner’s idea to collect medications from the families of the dead to help the living has caught on, according to a group that operates a charitable pharmacy. When Dr. Ron Coe and his assistant coroners in Livingston Parish, Louisiana collect the prescription medications of a deceased person, they donate them to a charitable pharmacy. Coe also has made his office a collection point where people may donate other unused prescription medications. Those programs have proved so successful that coroners in other parishes are following suit, said Michael Acaldo of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which operates a charitable pharmacy serving 12 parishes in the Baton Rouge area. (The Advocate, August 11, 2007)  

Lane County's "Can-Do" Approach
The cans donation program, organized by St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County, buys medicine for needy people, a critical bit of support for those who lack health care. Volunteers, such as the students and parents at St. Paul Catholic School, collected and sorted the cans to help out the nonprofit agency read more ...

Kentucky Pharmacy Helps Needy
When Perri Cook received a solicitation to support a needy child oversees, she decided to start her own campaign to meet some of the needs she was seeing daily right here at home read more ...

FreeMed Program
A pharmacy that provides free or low-cost prescriptions for poor people has seen substantial growth in its first year.
 read more ...

Interested in Helping the Needy in Prescription Medications
The Baton Rouge Council of the Society would be happy to assist your Council in establishing a community pharmacy that will make a tremendous impact in the lives of the poor in your community. Last year, our pharmacy filled 31,436 prescriptions worth $880,000 and this year will fill over 38,000 prescriptions valued at more than a million dollars. This program is a last resort for those who have nowhere to turn for their life-sustaining prescriptions for illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. For those serious about starting a new pharmacy special work project, the Baton Rouge Council has available a manual on how to establish this dynamic and innovative project entitled, “A Prescription for Success: Information on the Community Pharmacy Special Work Concept.” This is available by contacting the Baton Rouge Council Office at (225) 383-7837. If your Council would like to talk in detail about this project, please contact Michael Acaldo, Executive Director.  

Filling Prescriptions for the Needy
Since 1999, nearly $500,000 has been collected for the St. Vincent de Paul Pharmacy in Baton Rouge through its “Fill a Prescription for the Needy” program.