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Other Vincentian Services

Sign, Learn and Practice for the Hearing Impaired
Watch the video read more ...

Microcredit Lending - Belleville, IL
An alternative to Pay Day loans for the working poor. read more ...

Window Pane Recycling
Aurora Glass Architectural Accents include glass tiles and drawer knobs made from 100-percent recycled glass. Aurora Glass is a program of St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County, Inc read more ...

Hauling Service
The Council of Greensburg, Pennsylvania’s “St. Vincent de Paul: Will Haul” program answers the need of people in the community to move objects either across town or across their living room. For example, if someone has purchased a couch from an estate sale but has no way to get it home, or if someone wants to have his television moved to the opposite wall of his living room and is unable to lift it, he can call “St. Vincent de Paul: Will Haul.”  

Update on Uplift
UPLIFT is a program which provides temporary financial assistance from the District Councils and guidance from the Conference Members to enable families to become self-sufficient. This program started in 1990 with our Nassau North and Suffolk North District Councils being the first of our four Councils to use it. Today all four of our District Councils are actively involved. read more ...

SVdP Credit Union
The St. Louis Council is looking into the possibility of starting a St. Vincent de Paul Credit Union for the Poor. It will be accessible to staff, volunteers, members, and clients. The main goals of the CU are to create opportunities to help clients establish credit, access loans, learn financial management, and get away from the payday loans industry. read more ...

Summer Fan Drive in Cincinnati
A West End family got some much needed relief on this hot summer day. St. Vincent De Paul delivered an air conditioner this morning to Geneta Campbell as part of the agency's summer fan drive. Campbell has three children, including a 12-year-old boy who has severe asthma. Until now, they've used fans to stay cool in the summertime. To help with this year's fan drive, you can drop off monetary donations at any tri-state Huntington Bank branch location through August 13th. Huntington Bank and Channel 9 are sponsors of the annual fan drive, along with Coney Island and Cincinnati Firefighters Union Local 48. (WCPO-TV, June 22, 2006)  

Representative Payee Program
Several years ago I was approached by our local Social Security Office and asked if we would be willing to become Representative Payees for a “few” Social Security recipients whom Social Security deemed unable to manage their own Social Security funds. read more ...

Anne Smith is honored for Innovative UPLIFT Program
The National Housing Committee recognized Anne Smith, Director of Family Assistance Programs, for her dedication to the Society and for establishing the Uplift Program, a model program that is being replicated throughout the U.S. Recognizing people’s need for ongoing financial assistance, Ms. Smith developed the guidelines for providing monthly financial assistance to needy families. Families selected for this program must have good prospects for being self-sufficient within one or two years. While they are in the Uplift Program, they will continue to be visited regularly. Families in the program receive financial assistance plus advice on budgeting, guidance on other problems affecting the family’s stability and whatever else is necessary and available through the Society’s Thrift Stores and food pantries. The Uplift Program is funded by contributions from the Conferences and the community. 

Help us locate blind people in your parish
Steve Gastreich, head of the blind committee, has been busy planning more religious events for the Catholic blind for the rest of the year. He would like to make sure that blind persons in our parishes know of our activities and would like to be put our list for future mailings. Typical events include annual retreats, occasional pilgrimages to Holy Hill, visits to parish festivals, etc. SVDP covers the expenses related to these events, including transportation. Parish conferences are our only connections to these people - would you either approach blind persons individually in your parish, or put a note in your parish bulletin, telling parishioners of this service and inviting people to put their name on our mailing list?   

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul conducts diaper drive for underprivileged mothers on Mom's Day
Los Angeles, CA -- In honor of Mother's Day, officials at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles are asking individuals to donate to the Society disposable diapers for disribution to young underprivileged mothers served by its volunteer members. A monthly supply of diapers is one of the greatest expenses faced by parents of infants - one that can easily cost $25 to $75 per month, per child. Donations of diapers would help young mothers in great need and help relieve some of the stress they feel each day in gathering the basics for their young ones. 

The Milwaukee District Council's Southside meal Ministry is adding a new SVdP program
   Some of us cried, other laughed, but we were all acutely aware of the sensation of water being poured over us at our Baptism.  by the simple act of "healing waters", we were recognized as a member of a faith community.   read more ...

Shifting Gears
There's nothing quite like the smile of a youth who has worked to earn his own bicycle - execpt, perhaps, the smile of a homeless individual with transportation from his or her new job.   read more ...