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Prison Ministry

Lights on' with St Vincent De Paul OC & Micah's Way
Since it was established five years ago, the Lights On program of the Orange County Council of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul has worked with about 4500 freshly-released inmates each year. read more ...

Dismas House
The Diocesan Council of Rockville Centre founded Dismas House in 1988 to provide community support to post-incarcerated substance abusers read more ...

Prison Conferences
We have two Conferences in state-run prisons. The Conference members are prisoners themselves who give financial and spiritual aid to fellow prisoners and their families. Each of these Conferences has a small supply closet in which they keep cosmetic and personal health items to distribute to prisoners without money to purchase such things. The Conferences have set up a training program for prisoners about to be released, to give them the skills needed to secure a job when they reenter society. Outside volunteers help secure lodging, transportation, and jobs for them.
Submitted by Michael L. Hofstee, President, Wilmington DE Diocesan Council  

Lights on for Released Prisoners
"Lights On" is a volunteer group that stations a donated motor home and a small team of volunteers outside the Intake and Release section of the Orange County Jail complex from 11 to 4 each night, seven days a week. read more ...

Vincentian Publishes Book on Prison Ministry
The Spirit Set Me Free (Paulist Press, 2004) is a unique and profoundly moving book that presents the astonishing stories of 55 people who discovered what they most wanted in a place where they least expected to find it -- prison. St. Louis Vincentian Frederick Hermann has collected the real stories of people convicted of serious (and, in many cases, heinous) crimes. These convicted murderers, thieves, rapists, prostitutes, and drug dealers each discovered -- in the darkest pit of despair -- a deep and abiding relationship with God so profound that their accounts can serve as a model for transforming our own lives. read more ...

The Delaware Prison Ministry
Paul Collins is a 30 year member of the Society who has in various leadership roles as well as on National Committees read more ...

Council of San Mateo County
After an 8-day retreat about six years ago, Roger Hagman felt a strong desire to involve himself in ministry. he made a list of a dozen things - Jail ministry was 11th. Working near the jail, he saw the tall building daily and thought about how horrible and lonely it would be to be a prisoner. Now five years later, Roger is chair of the San Mateo SVDP's Hope In Actiondetention ministry and a member of the board. "I've been having a great time," Roger said. Lately, he's started visiting San Quentin. "I meet very genuine peole there who like to share their faith. It is very rewarding spiritually for me." Roger said the jail staff members are very cooperative. Volunteering is a way of not only bringing Christ but also of meeting Christ in jail.  

An Extension of Vincentian Work
In the past 15 years, I have heard many of my sister and brother prison ministry members make this statement:  “If you had once told me that I would be here in prison ministering to inmates, I would have said ‘yeah, right’.”   read more ...

Outreach Prison Ministry St. Monica Conference in St. Louis, Missouri
St. Monica’s has developed an outreach prison ministry by taking its care and comfort to the families of inmates. Once a month as families return from visiting the prisons on buses arranged by Emanual Lutheran Church, Vincentians serve a meal prepared by the Conference members, assess needs and, as needed, distribute clothing, blankets and food. If needed, families are referred to their nearest SVDP Conference for follow-up. This service provides needed outreach to an overlooked population as well as a communal relationship with the hosting Lutheran Church. For more information please contact Donna Riat-May at the Archdiocesan Council of St. Louis. Phone: 314-531-2183 – Fax: 314-531-6712 – E-mail: [email protected]    

Michael's Place
The Council of Pittsburgh has launched a new program for male ex-offenders called Michael’s Place. It is modeled after the successful SVDP program in Rockville Center. Michael’s Place offers men who have finished their prison terms the opportunity to deal with their addiction to alcohol and/or drugs while in transition to become successful independent members of society. After completing the six-month program, the men will have a full-time job, a bank account, an emotional and spiritual support system and a relationship with a community therapist. For more information call 412-321-1071 or E-mail to [email protected]   

Ministry Tells Stories of Prisoners, Prisons
The St. Vincent de Paul Society's Criminal Justice Ministry wants to meet with parishes, schools, social justice ministries or any interested group to talk about its work.  read more ...

Detention Ministry ~ A life giving circle of care
Building on over twenty-five years of active Vincentian Detention Ministry in <st1:placename w:st="on">San Mateo County, the Hope in Action Jail Ministry Committee recently developed an After Care – Resettlement Program that has the flexibility to respond to each individual’s needs read more ...