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Documents to Review and Download

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Thrift Stores

"Vincent's Gallery" Showcases Local Artists
More than 30 talented artists and craftsmen now have a new venue to display their works. Vincent's Gallery officially opened its doors in downtown Hopwood, Pennsylvania. read more ...

Kids Day at Green Bay Thrift Store
St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in Green Bay holds an annual Kids Day. The first 250 kids ages 3 to 10 receive a free gift bag with tickets for rides at Bay Beach Amusement Park, books, candy, and a $5 coupon for a purchase at the store.  read more ...

Thrift Store Mural
Eye-catching murals draw attention to the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in Minneapolis.  read more ...

Something Old, Something New
Danielle and Al Gollakner of Iron River, Michigan were married on June 30, 2007. Danielle purchased her wedding gown, dresses for the matron of honor and three flower girls, and suits for some of the men in the wedding party from the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in Iron River. She accessorized the outfits with handbags and jewelry from the store, and purchased flowers, reception decorations, and the topper for their wedding cake there, too.  

Scrap Metal for Cash
The Council of Greensburg, Pennsylvania’s “Scrap Metal for Cash” program has three goals. One is to generate extra income to assist the poor. The second goal is to recycle metal into other uses instead of filling a landfill. Another goal is to reduce the tremendous amount the organization pays each year in trash removal. Stella Abell is leading the effort, along with Ronnie Brookman. They remove the metal from items that otherwise would have been thrown in the trash and sort it by type. Once enough is accumulated, they take it for recycling and St. Vincent de Paul receives the money. 

Screening Recalled Toys
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul in South Bend, Indiana originally thought scanners and swabs would help them screen recalled toys, but that didn't work because of the plastic packaging and numerous painted surfaces. Then, an employee decided to put an office computer to better use read more ...

Macy's Promotes Donations to Society
Macy's customers who schedule for St. Vincent de Paul to pick up gently used furniture and mattresses will receive free delivery of furniture, bedding or rugs with any purchase of $750 or more through Sunday. read more ...

Selfless Shopping
For those who already have everything they need but still feel the urge to shop, the St. Vincent de Paul Society of St. Joseph County, Indiana offers a solution: Sister Rosalie’s Gateway to Heaven Shopping Club. The club sends email alerts to “members” informing them about the latest sales at local retailers and telling them what the SVdP thrift store, food pantry, and needy clients could really use. Members then have an excuse to go shopping, buying things they don’t need but others do, to donate to the Society. The club even has a youth division with about 10 kids who have pledged to keep the thrift store stocked with school art supplies. (South Bend Tribune, July 3, 2007)  

Kid's Day at the Store
The Green Bay Council hosts an annual "Kid's Day" at its Thrift Store. The two-hour event is for children ages 3 to 11. Kids can attend, accompanied by an adult, for a karaoke sing-a-long, entertainment from a clown, and candy treats.  

Newsletter Keeps Customers Informed
The St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores in Jackson, Michigan have a snazzy, six-page, four-color newsletter to keep their customers informed of store specials and events and introduce them to key personnel.  

Used Books Collected for SVdP
Agape Booksellers and the Nomad Bookhouse are partnering with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Jackson, Michigan to collect used books. Each store has a box where people may drop off books. The donated books will be sold in St. Vincent de Paul stores to raise money for community programs. Winter is the time when people like to stay home with a good book, Mary Beers-Lounsbery of St. Vincent de Paul said about the book drive. (Jackson MI Citizen Patriot, February 2, 2007) 

Wire Transfers
"Angel Wire" is a new service offered through the San Antonio archdiocese and the Phoenix Thrift stores, allowing customers to electronically wire money to Mexico and Latin America for a very low fee compared to Western Union, MoneyGram, ande similar services. The transaction takes only five seconds and the Thrift Store receives $2 for each transaction (in the form of a donation). Customers pre-enroll through a toll-free 800 number; when they come into the Thrift Store, you just swipe their card through a small credit-card reader. A receipt is automatically printed out and you collect the cash. The Thrift Store deposits the money at their bank in a separate account designated for Angel Wire. There is no cost to the Store and Angel Wire assumes all liability. Angel Wire pays for any bank charges, the terminal, and all marketing and point of sale. This service will save your customers money and generate additional income for your Store. If your Store is in a Hispanic neighborhood, Angel Wire will benefit your community.

For more information, contact:

Joe Bortle
Angel Wire, LLC
512-484-7687 (cell)
512-608-0313 (fax)
2 Heatherbloom
Austin, Texas 78738

One of the ads placed on by the St. Louis Council:

Donate your unsold furniture

Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2007-01-13, 2:52PM CST

If your furniture does not sell on craigslist why not donate it to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and get a tax credit as well as free pick-up? Also you will be helping the poor and needy of St. Louis. E-mail me at [email protected] for more information. 

Madison Store Is Fashion Favorite
St. Vincent de Paul was named the best store for women’s clothing in Madison, Wisconsin in a dead heat with the former Marshall Fields.  read more ...

Bagging It
St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in the Westerly Parkway shopping center in State College, Pennsylvania will have a summer clearance bag sale, with a decreasing cost each day: today, $5 per bag; Tuesday, $4 per bag; Wednesday, $3 per bag; Thursday, $2 per bag; and Friday, $1 per bag. A bag may include clothing, shoes, books, housewares, and toys. On Saturday, the store will close for restocking with winter merchandise. (, September 11, 2006)  read more ...

Managers Meeting
We hold an annual overnight managers meeting to accommodate 18 store managers, who must travel a great distance for training. read more ...

Bed Bug Ban
Donation centers in Madison, Wisconsin are asking students to keep them in mind during moving week, but they’re being extra careful about accepting bedding because of a recent bed bug scare. read more ...

Student Moving Days
Each August, thousands of students move in and out of apartments in downtown Madison. To minimize the mess and maximize the benefits, the University of Wisconsin-Madison encourages students to donate usable items to local charities.  read more ...

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle
In 2005, the Lane County St. Vincent de Paul received the Oregon Entrepreneur's Forum entrepreneurship award for nonprofit organizations read more ...

Thrifty Recycling
The St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store on State Street in Boise wants to cut its waste-disposal bill in half by making sure it isn’t dumping any materials at the landfill that could be reused or recycled. read more ...

Community Partnership
The Naples District Council Community Partnership Program is developing an additional stream of qualified goods and furniture for our Thrift Stores.  

Kids' Day
The third annual Kids' Day at the St. Vincent de Paul Store will be 10 a.m. to noon today. Youngsters 3 to 11 years old are invited, but must be accompanied by an adult. Each of the first 250 youngsters will receive a $5 coupon for the store, story books, Bay Beach ride tickets, and more. The store is at 920 Weise St., Green Bay. (Green Bay Press-Gazette, June 13, 2006)  

French Fashion Fun
Marion Hand, a volunteer at our Thrift Store in Spring Hill FL and a member of St. Joan of Arc Conference of Catholic Women, wanted to organize a fundraiser and at the same time promote our Store and the Society. For three months, she and fellow volunteers selected donated clothes to be modeled and sold at their Fashion Show. Marion choreographed the show and wrote a very entertaining script highlighting the fashions and their value as her models strolled to the stage. Comic relief was provided by a male model (SVdP Conference President Patrick Conrey) demonstrating his fashion sense, or lack thereof.


This enjoyable luncheon event was held at the church hall and drew over 150 people. The ladies' club received the proceeds from the $10 ticket price plus the raffle monies, while our Thrift Store received the proceeds from the sale of the clothing as well as the Secret Collection envelopes at each table. We received a total of $ 829.00 for the Food Pantry.

This very successful show was so well received by the audience that it became a wonderful public relations event. Marion's talent and hard work proved that our Thrift Store has many hidden treasurers. We encourage others to be open to community activities. It's all great fun!

-- submitted by Woody Cornetta, Hernando District Council President 


Art for Recycling's Sake
Last month, the Saint Vincent de Paul Society launched a residency program, giving artists free range of its mammoth collection facility near the Oakland International Airport. The St. Vincent de Paul residency requires that artists develop a product that women in the society's rehabilitation programs can make. The item must be easily manufactured from items that consistently appear in the donation bin. (  

Thrift Stores Getting Bigger?
Don't look now, but local thrift shops have suddenly become big business. As in, BIG business.

Consider the interim St. Vincent de Paul store and recycling center that opened a month ago in a 75,000-square-foot building at 21st Street and Olympic Boulevard in Springfield, Oregon. The former K-Mart site will anchor St. Vincent's Springfield retail operations until a new, 20,000-square-foot store is completed next fall at 46th and Main streets. After that, it will remain open into the summer of 2007 as a sort of test site as the agency weighs other options for the Springfield market.

Does it only seem that thrift stores are getting bigger? "You're not imagining anything," says Terry McDonald, the local executive director for St. Vincent de Paul. Much of the growth in thrift shop scale has to do with changes in demographics as well as attitudes, McDonald says. While secondhand stores used to appeal mostly to those who could afford nothing else, the emergence of national retailers such as Buffalo Exchange and even Value Village has lent a sense of chic to bargain shopping.

"(Thrift stores) used to be like going to just an overgrown garage sale," McDonald says. "It's turning into `a shopping experience,' I think is what people like to call those things. We're seeing a much wider demographic." (The Eugene, Oregon Register-Guard, May 26, 2006)  

Vinnies Find Cash in Clothes
St Vincent de Paul Society volunteers at a charity opportunity shop have found $11,520 inside donated clothing. The Sunday Mail reports that the Society said the money was handed to police but was not claimed and would kick-start their winter appeal. Volunteers found the money while sorting donated goods several months ago. Victorian president Jim Grealish said the charity was lucky to find the money. "As the owner was not found, the money has been returned to Vinnies and will be used to assist people in need," he said. The Society aims to raise $800,000 in their Winter Appeal, which will be launched at one of Australia's largest Catholic festivals, Carnivale Christi, at Melbourne's Cardinal Knox Centre tomorrow night. (Catholic News, May 18, 2006)  

Every day is 'Lets Make A Deal' at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul thrift store in Los Angeles
In an effort to boost sluggish sales which in turn have impacted our assistance to children and families in need, the Council of Los Angeles is hosting its version of ‘Lets Make A Deal,’ seven days a week, on all merchandise in its Los Angeles Thrift Store, located at 210 N. Ave. 21 in the Lincoln Heights area of the city. Store Director Tony Terrazas said that no reasonable offer would be refused on any item in the store; including furniture, appliances, computers, vehicles, clothing, shoes, bric-a-brac and so on. This scenario not only helps shoppers who rely on low-cost items for their basic needs, but all proceeds benefit the Council’s year-round outreach to the homeless and underprivileged throughout the counties of Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara, as well as portions of the Inland Empire.  

Career Corner
Do you remember going to a job interview and fretting over what you should wear to create a good impression? If you can identify with this, you will understand how we need to do what we can to help unemployed people land that job. The SVDP Thrift Stores initiated a new program to provide professional clothing at affordable prices. On referrals from selected agencies, the first set of clothes will be free. In addition, a series of six seminars will be done for the community on "dressing for success" and "interviewing tips". The success of this program will depend on receiving contributions of career clothes. Businesses are being asked to ask employees to contribute professional clothing to make Career Corner really possible.   

Television Marketing Campaign Diocesan Council of Marquette, MI
SVDP Thrift Stores of the Upper Peninsula are working together on a television marketing campaign due to be out this Spring! The Marquette Store is taking care of details with TV6 and is excited about showcasing what our area stores have to offer. This commercial will focus on changing the attitude that shopping at SVDP is not only for the needy of our community, but is also a great place to shop for antiques, unique items or just you every day necessities at great bargains. The Distrct Store Manager, states that all proceeds made from sales will used to assist the needy pay for utilities and rent. The funds will also be used to purchase food for the SVDP pantries. For more information call 906-226-2311 or [email protected]

Clean and Green group helps out in Los Angeles Thrift Store
Members of the Los Angeles Conservation Corps' eight-week Clean and Green Program descended on the Council's Los Angeles Thrift Store recently to pitch in and help bag clothing that was due to be baled for bulk sales. The program operates in all 15 of the city's Council Districts and employs more than 2,200 young people annually, providing short-term, part-time employment between school tracks and on weekends. Young people in the program are paid to perform street and park beautification projects throughout the City and they voluntarily participate in field studies that teach them about important environmental issues, according to the group’s website.